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Exilent Systems is a business focussed group of technology consultants motivated to adopt scientific methods to create valuable and measurable outcomes for growing businesses. We do that by focussing on testability of ideas and products, setting performance goals early on and using data metrics to improve strategies iteratively.

We're inBusiness of TechnologyTechnology for Businesses

Who can benefit

We help medium to large scale organisations take the right decisions in their digital transformation journey, adopt the right technology from an ocean of possibilities and deliver successful and engaging digital products for their customers banking on our years of experience and expertise in delivery mission critical products as well our understanding of latest technology trends. 


Exilent is a software art studio driven to help organisations build digital products that solve complex business problems and are aesthetically designed as well as easy to use.


Digital Product Strategy & Development

We help medium to large scale enterprises take decisions towards building digital products that mitigate risk, increase compliance, control costs and secure new and loyal customers utilising the disruptive power of technology.

Unbiased expert advise​


Continuous Business Innovation

We follow a systematic innovation process that rapidly discovers and validates hidden opportunities by utilising our understanding of business processes, data at rest, technology trends, and our expertise in entrepreneurial innovation.

Discover new possibilities​


Web 3.0, AI and Quantum Adoption Strategy

We are always at the cutting edge of technology advancement. Be it Web 3.0, Artificial Intelligence or Quantum Computing. We utilise this collective knowledge to help organisations build adoption strategies, understand challenges, identify risks and deliver solutions that give them a competitive edge.

Stay ahead of the curve


Entreprise Application Integration (EAI)

We assist organisations scale by integrating key business applications to ensure that critical data is streamlined and processes are automated across business units

Streamline business processes​


We are a quality focussed group of software artists

In a world full of 95% done products we are happy to go the last mile, do the toughest 5%, to take a project home. Quality reflects everywhere from product development to work culture at Exilent Systems where it is a habit integrated in our DNA.

We work as an integrated part of our clients team, understanding business goals and providing Precise and Pragmatic advice to build truly “Universally Excellent Systems”. It is our motto, an idea that reflects in our logo and is at the core of everything we do. We are not just content with a good system or even a great system - anything below excellent is a failure.

Technology that works is a luxury


Some of the clients that have trusted our services:

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